About LIMS:  (Version: ody323 2022/11/02 09:26:37)

LIMS provides online management tools for you to administer the projects you have, and control the data and flow of the service you request.

The service you have is depending on whether you choose a working project or not. If you do not, you can just manage personal and project data, but if you do, you can request service of SNP, Primer, and STRP.

We are an IT team which support the SNP, Primer, STRP and Sample experimental team. Our logo, with 2 cats playing knitting wool, is because we all love cats and the wool is a symbol of DNA. We wish that you could use it proficiently. If you have any advice about the system or any good idea, please do not be stingy or hesitant to tell us.

Thank you so much!

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